Engagement Models

Governance & program delivery

All Clients are unique. We tailor our engagement models to complement your budgets, scope and operating models. This helps us align to your business needs brining along industry best practices & experience to make the engagement a success.

A. Time & Material (T&M)
Pay only for work done or number of dedicated staff or effort consumed. Fees are charged based on a pre agreed rate card.


1. Pay for selected effort
2. Select staff based on expertise and skills
3. Team mixes based on budgets
4. Add management roles as required
5. Create virtual expandable teams

When to use

1. Deliverables are vague
2. Multi stream i.e. Business consulting, Development, support etc. all in one
3. Tight control over tasks, budgets and outcomes

Your value

1. No overheads unlike permanent onsite staff
2. Teams staffed based on work visibility
3. Pay productive hours only

B. Fixed Bid
For when you are price conscious or on a strict budget while the scope is clear.


1. Fixed budgets & durations
2. Fixed deliverables
3. Control of scope upfront
4. Focus on deliverables & less on management

When to use

1. Deliverables well defined
2. Scope is fixed & signed off
3. Limited budgets
4. Fixed term engagements

Your value

1. Less management overheads
2. No addition to operational expenditure
3. No budget overruns
4. No roll-on costs

C. Captive Centers & Extended Office Models
Your own dedicated staff working in an offshore office at a competitive rate without the costs of maintaining onsite permanent carder or infrastructure. Added advantage due to time-zone differences making it an excellent for extended business or 24hr operations.


1. Full control and visibility
2. Reduce operational costs or cost of ownership
3. Task based granular planning
4. Build and retain domain or technology expertise

When to use

1. 24Hr support and development model
2. Tight or cut budgets
3. Large mobilization workforce requirement

Your value

1. Value for money
2. Better productivity or units of work due to extended business hours
3. Accelerated programs and quicker ROI

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