Global Competitiveness

Winning the Price War

Unwary clients are the victims of the offshore “price war” games. Quality is compromised for short term price gains which may result in poor quality or even failure of the engagement

PLEXTOM Advantage

With us the war is not against price, it’s quality. We can offer services for any budget without compromising quality. Using our proprietary reusable frameworks and delivery accelerators we can pass on the cost benefit without the compromise on quality.

Location Based Value Proposition

• Highly skilled workforce
• Suited for R&D
• Higher ROI with smaller "Expert" teams
• Better quality with Better savings
• Open, hospitable, culturally attuned, strong values and business ethics
• No ethnic conflicts & also a natural disaster free zone
• Practice high degree of equality and gender respect

Regional Comparison

Global Comparison

Our "Game changing" Value Accelerators

Build (Investment) Platform First:
reduce costs and development unit price significantly.
Quality Assurance Automation:
Continuous quality checking and management.
Continuous Development and Integration (CD & CI):
No stop-start development.
Application support and maintenance automation:
Built in monitoring and application management.
Instantly scalable with no downtime:
Purpose built cloud platforms with "n,n+1" capability.
White Labeling:
Our "Product-Wise" development methodology will make it easy for you to while label or re-market your product without compromising IP or Business models that can turn your cost center into a profit center.
Any product for any budget:
Based on pre-built reusable components, we can accelerate your development to fast track your ROI without compromising the solutions scalability or quality.

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Building Technology Excellence with Business Acumen

From the start technology solutions have been used as business tools. However, we understand that the software itself has become "the business" where a combination of business best practices, operational excellence & technology innovation is proving to be the recipe for success. Contact Us

The HUB vs. Standard IT Services

HUB operates like an evolving organism focused on optimizing operations, services & solutions, always maintaining a culture of continuous improvement & best practices.

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