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About us

PLEXTOM Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a registered private limited company in Sri Lanka under company registrar PV86427 incorporated on 2012-06-08. Into our 7th year of operations we are a fast-growing Innovation driven ICT supplier and Intellectual Property developer.

Stability and Long-term Focus

With a 5-year hyper-growth strategy in place, we are aggressively developing both cutting edge and innovative platforms, applications and services enabling us to stay ahead of the 10% Global ICT growth rate while targeting an overall minimum revenue growth of 30% year-on-year.

We expect 30% of our revenue to be fulfilled by Technology Services while the remaining 70% will be based on IP or product development portfolio.

We are focusing on niche markets and solutions, being also selective with our clients to ensure our engagements are successful and mutually beneficial.

Best in class Technology Talent with a Passion for Innovation

We are accredited with having a mature team consisting of industry experienced professionals with over 20 years of experience servicing Fortune 100 and 500 global clients. As individuals, they have been part of key Digital transformation programs in the Local corporate sector, Governments and Global Conglomerates contributing to the over rapid growth of the ICT sector in Sri Lanka.

Built on global best practices we have adopted an ICT strategy based on Lean Delivery and Product Platform Development using cutting edge technology relevant to current ICT demands.

Our Investment Programs

Our IP development is focused on creating High-Yield Solutions based on Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Business Platform as a Service (BPaaS) strategies that enables revenue generation and limitless scalability of your services. Facebook, Google, Alibaba, Kapruka and PickMe are a few examples of the above.

We are open to customizing any of the offerings and terms below based on the potential and size of the investment.

Get attractive returns by funding our Innovative IP

We have many exciting and innovative ideas waiting for funding. Buy just funding our development costs you can enjoy returns at market maturity with a growing profit share well beyond any investment portfolio. Please reach out to us for a proposal.

Maximize and accelerate your ROI of your IP

Paying for only the cost of development (resource costs + overheads), you can develop your own IP at a fraction of the cost without the compromise on quality. Based on a profit share model, we can define a win-win strategy that will ensure we add value to your IP via free technology consultation offered throughout the develop. Further more our extensive go-to-market strategies and global market networks will ensure your ROI is maximized as we are focused on long-term relationships as opposed to turnkey services.

IP upgrades, Market research & Go-To-Market Strategies

Need to further develop your IP? migrate your solutions? or even transition existing clients to a new platform? We have extensive experience and models to do cost effective product and customer migrations. This would help you create new revenue streams and open up fresh go-to-market strategies that could target yields over 3-5-years.

Message from the Founder
Being an Entrepreneur and Technology Consultant with 18+ years in the ICT industry, I finally incorporated PLEXTOM SOLUTIONS (PVT) Ltd, a technology-based consultancy and solutions provider; fulfilling my passion for using technology innovation to benefit the greater community.

Given the experience of successful deliveries as well as painful failures, I was able to derive a “Lean” approach to software development and also define a proprietary “product-wise” software delivery strategy. This has enabled us to deliver software for less than *30% of any industry quoted price at *X3 the speed with significant reduction in the cost of ownership for our clients.

This has resulted in significant cost savings and ROI acceleration for all our clients creating a competitive value proposition we now take to market.

With a primary focus on Customer Service and Satisfaction, we have adopted a Customer Success Strategy by onboarding industry and technology subject matter experts who consult as required to ensure we deliver to our customer expectations within any industry vertical.

I would like to invite you to share in our success strategy by opening up partnering and investment programs focused on maximizing your investments at lower risk above other investment options in the market.

With audited accounts and legal backing, we will secure your investment assets while ensuring your returns and dividends.

Come join the PLEXTOM family and succeed with us.

-Manjula Hewage.


Seshan Gunatilaka

Lead Business Consultant
(+94) 763 224 534

Manjula Hewage

Lead Technologist/Founder
(+94) 77 301 74 76
Attractive Value Propositions,
Steady Returns,
Low risk,
20+ Years Industry Experience.

Building Technology Excellence with Business Acumen

From the start technology solutions have been used as business tools. However, we understand that the software itself has become "the business" where a combination of business best practices, operational excellence & technology innovation is proving to be the recipe for success. Contact Us

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