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LIST.LK Business Platform

List.LK is soon becoming the fastest growing business directory and collaboration platform in Sri Lanka. Targeting every kind of business from start-ups to conglomerates, will list all registered business in Sri Lanka enabling you to instantly connect to suppliers, consumers and investment networks. Unlock your potential to grow and scale by becoming part of our expanding network.

Who Its for

Whoever you are, or whatever your need, will connect you directly to the source without the hassle of intermediaries.

We cater to:

  • Businesses or individuals offering Products and Services
  • Businesses or individuals looking for Products and Services
  • Businesses or individuals looking to Partner or Invest in a business venture
  • Businesses or individuals looking for ICT driven Digital Business Platforms or solutions that will automate their critical business operations.

Buy & Sell Your Goods

We believe Sri Lanka is a thriving network of entrepreneurs. Finding the right products and services are key for both buyers and also sellers. With you can promote your products and services or hunt for the right product or service without a hassle.

Attract Customers & Partners

With over hundreds of businesses being registered on a daily basis, finding unique identity and standing out of the crowd is challenging. helps create a powerful business presence and identity that will help you engage with businesses, unlike any other collaboration network. Our open directory instantly connects you with businesses and consumer networks helping you to channel your sales or even identify new business opportunities that match your Business Profile.

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Grow & Find Investment

Many businesses do not survive or breakeven due to the lack of business support and funding. unlocks what were previously “exclusive business networks” to create growth opportunities or find investment. This will significantly reduce your opportunity risk and expedite your return on investments.

Why Digitize your Business? | Our Open Business Platform proposition

Finding the right products or solutions or even the best investor may not be enough.

Manually run or poorly automated businesses do not have the agility or ability to scale and compete in a demanding business environment. Lack of a proper ICT strategy has been a major cause of business failure.

Not only is a business collaboration platform, but it also opens up as a Business Platform as a Service (BPaaS) solution powered by our parent company, Plextom Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. It hosts 40 inbuilt enterprise grade business applications provided as a single cloud platform were any business can transform overnight into a lean, ICT driven operation for just LKR 5000 (starting & upwards) per month.

Furthermore, we also provide the hand-holding and support required for your business to seamlessly transition to the ICT solution with minimum overheads.

From data entry to training facilitation, we have even developed our own hybrid (cloud and on-premise) Point of Sales (POS) terminals provided at an unbeatable price with the backing of our island-wide after sales service.

We also accommodate BYOD strategy via our device independent cloud platform making it even more user friendly and cost effective.

Our objective is to take-on your business challenges on your behalf, so you can unlock your potential.

Get this unbeatable value proposition now!

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From the start technology solutions have been used as business tools. However, we understand that the software itself has become "the business" where a combination of business best practices, operational excellence & technology innovation is proving to be the recipe for success. Contact Us

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