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Who Owns What? Your Data Protection Responsibility In The Multi-Cloud World

A multi-cloud strategy not only challenges traditional norms of data protection and security but also raises many data sovereignty and data residency issues. For example, the global nature of the public cloud allows for worldwide collaboration, but the same trait also results in data accidentally wandering where it shouldn’t.

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Unlock your business with | Join & succeed with us!

List.LK is soon becoming the fastest growing business directory and collaboration platform in Sri Lanka. Targeting every kind of business from start-ups to conglomerates, will list all registered business in Sri Lanka enabling you to instantly connect to suppliers, consumers and investment networks. Unlock your potential to grow and scale by becoming part of our expanding network.

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Drilling Deep into Digital Industrial Transformation Will Determine Who Survives and Thrives

More than one-third of businesses today will fail in the next 10 years. John Chambers, longtime CEO of Cisco, made that prediction just before his retirement last year. He further stated, “The ones that survive will turn their companies into digital, techie versions of themselves, and many will fail trying.” Whether or not John’s prediction comes true, it is grounded in one indisputable truth: today’s most successful companies are unlocking the mysteries of data to unveil valuable insights that spawn powerful business outcomes.

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Building Technology Excellence with Business Acumen

From the start technology solutions have been used as business tools. However, we understand that the software itself has become "the business" where a combination of business best practices, operational excellence & technology innovation is proving to be the recipe for success. Contact Us

The HUB vs. Standard IT Services

HUB operates like an evolving organism focused on optimizing operations, services & solutions, always maintaining a culture of continuous improvement & best practices.

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