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Talent & Technology Acquisition

We are constantly upgrading our talent pools and technology capabilities. This is how we are able to provide innovative mixes of domain & technology solutions.

Business & Technology Consulting
Our single goal is to provide you with an IT strategy that will help deliver your desired business outcomes. Our Business & Technology Consulting focuses on driving business outcomes though innovation while also driving operational excellence at all levels of the organization.
Software Development
Specialized in Java, Python, PHP and Angular technologies we also provide other technology expertise as a true technology agnostic solutions provider with a deep appreciate for technology frameworks.
Mobile Apps Development
Our team can develop mobile applications, device independent solutions and also integrations with other varied technology platforms.
Embedded System Developments/Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
Specialized innovation team with expertise in Arduino programming, Python, Industrial IOT Development with and not limited to Raspberry Pi help create new and exciting solutions for our clients.
Robotic Process Automation [RPA]
We provide better customer service with our specialized team who are expert in UI Path and Work fusion.
Data Analytics (With Artificial Intelligence)
Our experts can help digitize your data so you can gain insights & analysis into your business. We are specialized in Data analysis, Data classification, Data Implementation, Data Visualization along with the use of Neural networks, Genetic algorithms, Fuzzy logic systems and filter algorithms like Kalman.
Quality Assurance & Automation
From manual testing to automation we can tailor to your testing needs including stress testing, performance testing and load testing. On a reasonable upfront investment into automation we are able to creating seamless automated test beds lowering your Cost of Quality and Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) significantly.
Application and Information Security Management
Specialized in open source security frameworks and standards (OWASP) we can also provide other internet data security standards, precautionary and remedial services that will help lower the risk of physical, logical and cyber related threats. Further more we are soon to partner with Authorized GDPR Readiness certification bodies for post and pre audit readiness followed with remedial services.
Application Support and Maintenance Management (ASMM)
Our teams can provide Business-As-Usual (BAU) Maintenance support of all your critical applications and logical IT assets ensuring timely maintenance, health monitoring and performance monitoring. Our Service Orchestration Framework can create an automated service management layer that can monitor application islands, integrations, APIs and even operational application instances across one or many proprietary, standalone or cloud-based IT networks.
Research & Development
At the heart of our service R&D has a special focus even within our organization. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge, technics and approaches that will help you innovate and disrupt by offering services for POC development, MVP creation, Technology Feasibility or even Conceptual Ideation. Along with a strong technology consultancy we could also help create go to market strategies that will help differentiate and create competitive advantage for you and your business stakeholders.
Product/ IP Development
Do you have a product concept or even a product stack that has a high cost of ownership? If we can help you manager your IP, white-label existing solutions and ideas, distribute technology services, maintain your product development and release or even create innovative new IP assets that you feel will be a game changer. We are even willing to invest and partner with you as we value long term relationships over quick gains.
Digital Transformation Services
Our approach includes a detail Discovery for requirement elicitation or gap study, Elaboration phase that defined approaches, roadmaps and change management, an Implementation Phase that executes the mutually agreed plans and also a transition phase that will enable seamless transition back to clients.
Cloud Services
Our expertise also includes Cloud maintenance, Cloud migration and legacy transformation or Cloud implementation expertise using industry best practices. We are able to rationalize and significantly reduce your cost of ownership by optimizing your existing cloud infrastructure or even re-implement cloud services to align with your changing business demands.
Operational Support
We have hands on expertise in Data entry and data management with data cleansing, Dedicated account management agents for the business, Translation and content management service in English, Sinhala or Tamil languages.
SQL and NoSQL Database Development and Support
Specialized team in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgresql SQL Server, MySQL Server, MongoDB, AWS Dynamodb
Technology Operations Support (TechOps)
We provide operational support to maintain your physical and logical IT infrastructure remotely or even on premise if required covering business hours, extended business hours or even 24x7 via a mix of automated and manual services.
Development Operations Support (DevOps)
Our team can support medium to large scale development operations or completely manage complex Dev, INT and QA environments through automation and manual release management approaches. We will help reduce release effort and ensure environments, systems and data are readily available for seamless development.
Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
We have hands on expertise in open networks, devices and protocols that can create Industrial IOT Based integrated solutions. We can also "Industrial IOT enable" legacy or proprietary systems ensuring your business gains the competitive technology advantage.
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From the start technology solutions have been used as business tools. However, we understand that the software itself has become "the business" where a combination of business best practices, operational excellence & technology innovation is proving to be the recipe for success. Contact Us

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